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Monday, July 18, 2005

A less whiney intro

Well, I suppose i should be a leeetle more forthcoming about the price of fish. I am twenty and live in Australia's forgotten capital. I work in an antique shop that is extremely groovy and bad for my long-term saving plans (ie. I have none). This multiple picture of me (i have no idea why there are four and it won't let me delete...) was taken by my boyfriend last year in a caravan park ( we are sooo trailor trash). we now have our/his camper van... i say our/his because although he can drive and i cant and he paid for it and i didn't, i sewed some drawer-liners for the van so we're square. This is one of my first post-puberty attempts at knitting. it is one of those 'feathers' scarves which i am sick to death of and wish people would stop knitting but there you are. i am currently knitting a totally gorgeous jumper from recycled wool. It was very satisfying actually, turning this huge hideous man's sweater knitted by someone who was obviously high into gorgeous sweater-y goodness. I am on the final sleeve and i only started ten days ago so this is quite good for me (ie. i have no life). i fear however that my low-slung pelvis will peek out from 'neath the hem but i think i can handle it... blocking might help. i also bought this gorgeous (yarn-wise) 1980's sweater from an opshop and now it is 740m of The Most Beautiful yarn ever. many shades of pink in Aran weight, am in heaven! will try to post photo soon.


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