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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sew on and sew forth

So, I told you all I was waiting on this sewing machine? Oh the wait!
In some ways it was useful, in that it gave me time to really consider my options. The Sewing Bug had a really good sale on, and I was torn between three machines. As is human nature, I went with the middle option. But while waiting I considered the next model up. The machine I had ordered was a $699 model with $100 off as part of the sale. But this little beauty was $1299 with $500 off as part of the sale! As you would expect with that kind of price difference, there are plenty more features, including twice as many in-built stitches.

So I forked out an extra $100 and took home the 6260QC last Saturday. I have yet to make anything "real" with it - lots of the buttons and levers are placed differently to my old machine, and I don't want to end up making a crucial error because I forget how to stitch back!

I have, however, been having fun with all the fancy stitch options and the one-step buttonholer!
The snowflake stitch is probably my favourite!

We spent yesterday afternoon looking at open houses, which is an experience at once exhausting, exciting and disappointing!
We were looking in a new built area near Gungahlin, which none of our maps covered, and the maps on allhomes were challenging to the intellect. So we got lost and missed two of the homes we had planned to look at. And one we saw on the fly actually turned out to be the most useful! We are now considering building rather than buying new...
I suppose the thing is, neither of us feels very grown-up. And building feels less safe by far! For starters, I've watched enough Grand Designs to be wary! But in terms of cost, we can dictate the design and landscaping (and all the finishes) for less than a similar new property on the market. And... I suppose I am wary of making an easy choice that I'm not 100% happy with. Building would be a pain in the arse, but the investment of time and patience would result in a more suited product. What do they say? The greater the risk, the greater the reward?

Meeting estate agents is rather like dating. They are all trying to seduce, without letting on that they care too much, and trying to hide all their flaws. We spoke to several, and one guy really made an impression (the one who is keen to do builds). While of course he was selling himself, it didn't feel like bluster, and the finishes on the home he was showing were far superior to the others we saw (and it was cheaper). Being a detail-oriented person, I really respected his work.

Anyway, we're having a little breather to think, so we don't rush into anything. But there's a lovely big block at Sprinbank Rise, facing a park, that excited us both more than any of the homes we saw!

I've also made a real effort in the last week to get more exercise! A friend got me on to Couch to 5k. I've been for two runs now, and will do my third today. I've always wanted to run, but have given myself awful shin-splints every time I've tried in the past. This program, however, leads you into the run gently, so you intersperse running and brisk walking as you build up strength. So far, no shin-splints! I felt awesome after the first run, and less awesome after the second (though I suspect this was due to hormonal interference!). I also went for a nice long bike ride around the lake yesterday.
How virtuous I feel! :)

Peace out,
Ms Spider xo

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