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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Higher Education Headache

I have three words for you : Three. Hour. Tutorial. Yuck-o. Whose ideas are these anyway? I think academics sit in their dingy little offices planning ways to destroy my life. Speaking of destroyed lives, am reading 'Crime and Punishment' and its actually pretty good. Well i know its a classic and all, but it's something i want to keep reading.
Have finished the final sleeve of teal sweater and have nearly done the turtle neck. Then a few seams... and voila! Sweater for me!
Also found new frogging prject this morning at salvo's - hand-died, hand-knit silk entrelac sweater! Totally hideous sack of a sweater but it certainly vies for the title of The Most Beautiful Yarn Ever!
I suppose one day i will get around to Uni work...


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