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Monday, February 26, 2007


hello ladies. thanks so much for all the well wishing, i am feeling much improved. i'm still in pain and hobbling about but it's starting to itch a lot too so i am able to keep positive because i know it's healing. i went to get checked out by the nurse today and when i saw my stitches i had to have a little lie down... it looks absolutely hideous but i am assured i am healing well.
i have to admit to being a leetle disconcerted when the nurse saw my wound, mostly because her first question was "what did you have removed?". it's ok, i dont have a nice picture of my stitches for you ;)

however, what with being banished to the couch pretty much all the time i did finish my peacock feather shawl today - a good week before i thought i would. yes, i did punish myself through the last few rows and it took an hour and a half to do the loopy crochet cast-off... but you know how much i needed to block it, right?

here it is all scrunched up and looking like a pile of poo.blocking....
watch this space

the wicked tease,
Ms Spider xo

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