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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

well aged

so, saturday was my 22nd birthday. yuck. i hate birthdays. not so much the getting older thing, but more the whole "o my goodness so much i havent done" thing. which i guess is similar, but while i joke i'm not actually that worried about wrinkles.

this birthday, however, was pretty damn good. i got a four day weekend from work and a lovely semi-suprise party on sunday (started as a suprise but i figured it out a week before hand).

and i was SPOILT! oh my goodness! Sherpa was a very very naughty (wonderful) wicked (attractive) and deviant (rowwrr) young man. I am now apparently subscribed to interweave knits, vogue knitting and yarn magazine (How well did he do!!!???) . i am also the proud owner of a set of lantern moon ebony 2.75mm dpns and some rosewood 2.25mm dpns. AND four sets of addi turbos.... AND a really cool labelmaker. I'm a bit scared of it at the moment but i'm always like that with new technology - soon everything will be labeled.

also on friday part of my book order arrived... as per the pictures. so did i spoil myself or what? i'm arguing that its all educational...

and here is the first complete rock and weave sock (im on the second heel and a bit bored..)with it is a sock i started on my new 2.75mm dpns on jawoll sock yarn in a chevron pattern from sensational knitted socks.
...and a sweater from last-minute knitted gifts ( i added the fair isle band) in cleckheaton country for sherpa's work colleagues little baby girl.

erm and this is a little image i took of my father last week Heh heh as he attached my mirrors to the wall so...
tada! i have a dressing table in an empty teensy wardrobe recess! LOVE IT

cough! and i was forced to purchase some seasilk... OMG. yum. gasp. drool. and yes taph, it does smell a little like the sea... in a good way. This is in the 'Vintage' colourway.

thankyou to everyone for such a lovely birthday. i'm not going to give a list of all my lovely gifts but i will put a blanket thankyou out - i received without exception the most thoughtful, useful and beautiful gifts and i am extremely grateful - thankyou!

well... i really want to pull my finger out with blogging. i'm knitting so much stuff lately, and have so many ideas happening... and of course now another million patterns to look over so i really need to keep you guys posted. thanks for all the kind thoughts lately. i'm ok. i have been a bit blue and its no-ones fault and there's no reason in my life beyond being a bit overworked at the moment. but not having a good reason doesnt always make it easy to snap out of it. so i appreciate everyone's support lately. i'd be lost without you all.

and i sign off again. please nag me to update! before i know it a fortnight has passed and i feel overwhelmed again!

the older and not yet wiser
Ms Spider xo

PS for those of you who dont know - i've been sitting for an artist. she's amazing! and no boobola nudity or anything, just face and hand type stuff. but i get to be Pandora in a painting! how cool is that??? (i totally think seasilk should be in the box... the evil wind that blows away your bank balance...)

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  • At February 06, 2007 4:07 pm, Blogger loribird said…

    Happy birthday!!! Looks like it was a good one.
    The socks and baby sweater look great - waiting to see what you'll do with the Seasilk...

  • At February 06, 2007 10:28 pm, Blogger Jejune said…

    Hello Spidey :) Happy Birthday again - it was a lovely party ;) And you've done very well - THREE magazine subscriptions? Good heavens!

    It's a bummer about feeling blue for no particular reason - same thing happens to my hubby, and not much helps, apart from knowing that it won't last. Which isn't much consolation at the time. Hope you're feeling sunnier soon :)

    The Sea Silk looks simply divine... Must. Touch. It!

  • At February 07, 2007 7:15 am, Blogger AR said…

    Happy Birthday! You sure were spoilt! That's good.

    Pandora, that's awesome!

  • At February 07, 2007 8:07 am, Blogger kylie said…

    happy birthday ms spider, so sorry i couldnt be there for the not-so-surprising gathering. i will spare you that usual 'oh when i was your age' thing that us old people do :) good haul and lovely knitting as always, yes please post more!

  • At February 07, 2007 12:54 pm, Blogger Laura.Y said…

    So much goodies! What a great bash! You are well stock to take on knitting for 2007 I'd say. LOL Happy Belated Birthday Happy Spider!

  • At February 07, 2007 3:41 pm, Blogger Taphophile said…

    Love the ivy leaf motif on the baby jumper - not at all twee, says the woman who once did Fair Isle duckies.

  • At February 08, 2007 8:22 am, Blogger Bells said…

    it was a pleasure to attend your not-so-surprise function Ms Spider. That Sherpa sure does spoil you!


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