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Thursday, March 08, 2007

i get there in the end

So the stitches are out and i have a very disconcerting ridge on my leg. i have to wear a stretchy pull-together type bandage for at least a week and it still hurts like buggery.. but i go back to work tomorrow. this is good because money has become really very tight and i swear my butt has expanded what with all the enforced sitting... but can i really be expected to remove myself from an all-knitting all-the-time holiday with a smile?

so today being my last day of relative freedom i did a lot. housewifery at its finest. i vacuumed and cleaned, baked muffins, did some dyeing, did some washing, washed the dishes and put aside my sweater for the little knit-bits i had abandoned (wicked yarn slut that i am).

so i am pleased to (finally) post that the rock n weave socks are finished. and i love them. love the colourway, the weight, the pattern, the linen stitch... the fact that they have that gorgeous streaky bit on the top of the foot in different colours. And, of course, the fact that tonight it's cool enough to wear them!

i'm also past the heel on a certain pair of chevron purple striped socks i was making... with any luck they'll be done by the weekend and i'm covered for my mother's birthday on the 19th.

the busy and tired
Ms Spider xo

PS Attentive readers may notice a new link on my sidebar to my eBay sales. i decided it was very silly to have the two bits of my life separate considering they are both yarn related, and lets not be shy about it - money is a bit tight lately and i need all the advertising i can get! i'm sure i'll one day get around to adding the million new blogs i read and other such useful info. if your blog isnt there dont be offended - i like you, i'm just lazy as hell. must remember my coding stuff i suppose.

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  • At March 09, 2007 7:55 am, Blogger Taphophile said…

    Yay for the socks - too divine! Good luck back at work.

  • At March 09, 2007 8:25 am, Blogger kylie said…

    i looked at the pic of the stitches. eeek. whats with the blue thread, so you wont forget they're there?! and these are really very clever socks :)

  • At March 09, 2007 10:33 am, Blogger gemma said…

    so happy you have put the ebay button on side bar, sometimes miss seeing your offerings, and don't even get to bid.
    Wouldn't you know it, this week I have been doing 10/12 ply dying in shades of green? but have bid on the mohair because like all your yarns its lovely. Thanks miss spider.

  • At March 09, 2007 4:13 pm, Blogger Laura.Y said…

    I saw the stitches, looks scary. Glad you are recovering well. Those socks are absolutely sweet.

  • At March 11, 2007 12:57 am, Blogger AR said…

    Pretty, pretty socks!

    Your dyeing is very pretty, too. :)


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