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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Happy Spider and the Missing Lecture

It's official.
Not only am I lacking in any desire to do uni work, but i have managed to lose my third lecture of the week! And i was trying so hard too...
Dragged myself to Uni by 11.30 (yeah i know, shadap) and in my Lit Studies room there were a bunch of mature age students doing Family Law.
Was very brave and went to Uni computers for first time in 18 months of study (am computer-phobe in big way, blog is miraculous). Found recently emailed replacement lecture room.
RAN! (and i do not run)
And guess what! Not there.
so gave up and had a coffee. i mean, what's a girl to do? (Hope i didnt miss any more Othello...)

NB. For those of you following my Trials in Denim i bought a pair today. Caved is the word i think. not only do they have the weird whisker affect on either side of crotch but also 'crinkle wash' where they are all crinkly!! asked nice (ie. cute) man at counter if it would wash out and he said "about 40 washes". Said "But i HATE it" and he said "oh just iron it!". Go figure!

These -> are a doll i knit for my cousins daughter. she's reversible, turn her skirt over and she wakes up! so cute... and a good (synthetic) stash buster. From a woman's realm book thingo from the 80's

PS. Finished recycled sweater and it looks like a midrif top on me... hope blocking will fix it...


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