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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

witty post title pertaining to finished objects

just a quick one today as i'm a bit heat frazzled (aren't hormones so much more entertaining over 30 degrees?)
some of you may remember my joy at aquiring Rebecca 27 due to my perverse and 3 year long lust for the Apricot Jacket. I cast on, finished the back and promptly lost interest (something about strangly translated german i think..)
anyway, i picked it up again last week and finally got the buttons on today. I love it. LOVE. of course, it is really too hot to wear.. but tonight was a VERY fresh breeze and we went to a photography exhibition that my brothers girlfriend was in and it was exactly what i needed. So if it gets crisp on xmas eve i'm covered!
I include for your viewing pleasure several different shots front two different photographers.. the colour in the first one is the closest... and the detailing looks the best but we can't photograph ourselves all the time can we?Hope everyone is well and happy!

the finally finished
Ms Spider xo

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