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Monday, October 16, 2006

...two weeks later...

And I've done it again. Sigh.

Stupid because i love blogging. not carnally.. but tenderly. Though from what i can see of my knitting soul sisters, everyone is a little busy right now (or down-right bollocks-ed up).

Days til I move out: 13

Assessment pieces due this semester: 5

Days left of the semester (including weekend) : 12

You see my dilemma?

Anyway, I can't go on and on. just leave you with a few pics of the house:
The bedroom in its new coat of paint and the bed i bought from Kirsty (Much more comfy than the mattress we had). Thanks again Taph for the bedlinen, you saved my sanity ;) The vase of flowers is my doing... I think.. I think i might be houseproud! AAAAAAAAAAARRRGGHHHAnd my vege garden, which actually looks much different now and the bok choy got eaten and things were planted there instead.And some fibre content - some sock yarn I'm spinning for my darling. It's lovely, I'll show more soon, promise.
Sorry about all the SnB no-shows, they both fell on Camelot nights (and for those who didnt go,, you missed out BIGTIME, sherpa was BRILLIANT!)

miss you all, sorry to be so removed of late. two weeks stand between myself and sanity.. can you smell it? I can... smells like... freshly laundered sheets dried in the sunshine.

the frantic yet happy
Ms Spider xo

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  • At October 17, 2006 11:56 am, Blogger kylie said…

    firstly that room colour is glorious - what is it with you and colour? and secondly my bok choy is getting eaten too - whats with that? the only thing in the garden thats getting nibbled, so im going to leave it there as a distraction. and i havent been to snb either lately, dog things is my excuse, but hope to catch you in two weeks when you emerge, free!

  • At October 17, 2006 4:07 pm, Blogger Taphophile said…

    Love the paint on the walls - truly restful without being dull. Fingers crossed for the assessments. Much love and strenght.

  • At October 17, 2006 5:35 pm, Blogger Laura.Y said…

    Sounds like fun :) Enjoy ur house decorating.

  • At October 17, 2006 9:09 pm, Anonymous Dr Jellybelly said…

    Do you know what you need?

    A triple-yarn overloop stabiliser.

    They are so very useful.

    Thankyou for your time,

    Dr Jellybelly

  • At October 18, 2006 7:03 pm, Blogger Jejune said…

    Beautiful blue walls! You're nearly there, Spidey - hang in there :) It'll be SO GOOD when the work's all done and you've moved out!! Yay!

    BTW, I have a bag of miscellaneous kitchenware for you for when I see you next...

  • At October 21, 2006 10:48 am, Blogger Sometimes Unwilling Guru said…

    Don't worry you'll be right,soon you will have your own place all set and wonderful!

  • At October 21, 2006 9:25 pm, Blogger knittydoll said…

    Hey! Loving the sherpa sock colourway- he'll have the best-dressed tootsies in town when you're finished! Best of luck with your frantic goings on for the next two weeks!

  • At October 23, 2006 4:20 pm, Blogger kylie said…

    i am very sorry to hear about the shop miss spider, if i hear of anything will let you know. try and take it easy xxx


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