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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

happy blog birthday!

I am pleased as punch to announce that as of yesterday i have been polluting the blog-o-sphere with fibre-y goodness for a whole year! I ask you all to raise your needles in salute and stroke your yarn with joy.
Have had a rather productive week. I finished my wavey scarf and as soon as i can be arsed i'll write the pattern out for you (though really, all you need is the link to the stitch pattern taph commented with last time and have half a brain...)
I also finished my rainbow socks. this is a joyous occasion because now when i sell my rainbow sock yarn on ebay i can pop a pic 'example of use' for those who cant think beyond the skein.
last night i cast on and cast off a little beanie for a toddler i know using my hand-dyed watermelon aran. i LOVE it. love it love it love it. every time i got to a 'seed' i got all squealy!
I am up to the second skull and cross bone on my piratical illusion scarf. hope to finish it tonight.
oh and i started a shawl in my most recently spun yarn, as its nice and fine. its just an increaseing triangle shawl and i'm really enjoying it. and i need my addi turbos to arrive NOW but i ordered them on monday and theres not a peep out of the wool shack :(

oh and i ran out of camera batteries, did you guess? as soon as they're charged i'll insert a few pics to make this a tad less dry :p

oh and uni is back. ew.

the distracted
Ms Spider xo

PS. have some very good news... but you might have to ask me ;)



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