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Thursday, July 06, 2006

a quickie

hello my darlings!
i did rather well (in a modest yet quite thrilling nonetheless manner) on ebay last week and thought i may as well try again so i have some more stuff up here. Watermelon Aran is my favourite and devotees will be pleased to see some rainbow sock yarn up too! i've put a little more on it this time, was testing the water with the last lot and have just discovered my 4ply dealer has gotten more pricey so needs must! i am only sharing my excitement, please dont read this as a plea for bids ok? no sympathy yarn purchases allowed! This means you, you saucy sneaky wench - you know who you are!! (on the other hand, if you love it to bits then be my guest :p).

Also thought i would just make a quick note as i'm not convinced that the yahoo group actually passed on the email i sent - thursday night SnB i am bringing my ball-winder and swift and these are for use for anyone with skeins they cant deal with or badly wound balls. if the email did go through then excuse my repetition, but i usually get sent a copy and i didnt so.. yes. I also have a sock at the end of the heel flap and WILL NOT TURN THE HEEL until i am at SnB (will even say i'll save it til 7.30 so any stragglers who want to see have a chance). /pinky swears

i dont really know what else to say except that:

1) i'm sorry i'm such a bad blogger at the moment,

2) i'm ridiculously happy,

3) eBay makes me feel rather clever and though i didnt make very much money on the last one it's nice to know that.. you're saleable

4) Sherpa is a darling and i started his scarf this evening (how can i not love a man who buys Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran for me to knit him a scarf with?)

5) boys in share houses are scary and i really don't want to know what it was that i scrubbed off the kitchen floor this morning, though what it was originally and what it was today when i disposed of it are possibly very different things (and sherpa's housemate belt-boy is weird and looks at me with such an inexplicable expression of confusion on his face, "what is she doing here?", that i am tempted to flash him just to see if he reacts. i mean, honestly. the guy is a loony. and i strongly suspect he has never spoken to a woman he isnt related to)

6) I want to blog properly and may do tomorrow.. er... THIS morning.. after i wake up. but i also want to go trawl op-shops for nice cones of 2ply white merino... hey! i've found it before!

7) i had a haircut.. last week? sometime anyway. its.. i like it. still long but not so much and more layery. you know, if i were sixteen i could probably get all technical on your asses but seriously... i'm more vain about my fibre-content these days. its hair. it grows back.

8) My brother generates odours that would make a warthog weep. ESPECIALLY since he started to work at the curry shop.

9) sherpa is going away for 9 days soon which is very sad. and silly since its the last week of holidays and the poor thing has spen the last 7 mornings doing opens at his work (ie. wakeup at 6.30am) so i would rather like to have a few quiet holidays days alone. but never mind. honestly, the sort of thing that would normally drive me bonkers now barely registers on my mild irritation radar. I'm really.. happy. weird eh? and i'm very sorry if i'm awfully nauseating.. i do realise it's probably a bit.. something. but peeps... if you see bruises up my arms its because i keep pinching myself ^_^

10) just cos i like round numbers... um i'm very grateful to everyone who has said such nice things about my dyeing... i feel a little silly about the whole thing. i'm not great at compliments usually and this seems like... like i'm getting praised for something really minor that anyone could do. but i suppose the point is that not everyone can be bothered/has a big enough house/has the energy/has the time/has the vision so i suppose thats a bit of a realisation for me. in short: thankyou for being so nice, i really do appreciate all the support and loveliness (knitters are just the BEST, seriously) and it made my day every time i got a comment along the lines of 'good golly you're smart!', because seriously, i'd rather be smart than pretty any day!

love you all, you gorgeous knitters you and see as many of you as possible tomorrow.. er.. tonight!

knit on!

the nauseatingly chirpy
Ms Spider xo


  • At July 06, 2006 9:07 pm, Blogger Dood said…

    I think you two are just DIVINE! you make me feel all gooey and want to hug my boy.

    Ahhhh - love.

  • At July 06, 2006 10:14 pm, Blogger kylie said…

    you are both lovely to be around so much nice energy. i am deliriously happy myself because of your beautiful sock yarn - that ball of pink grapefruit is burning a hole in my knitting bag and i cant wait to start it. please make some more. lots lots more. i want to make knee highs!!(just kidding). thanks for all the help tonight, im so pleased, i think i get the sock thing. was great to meet everyone. see you next time :)


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