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Monday, May 29, 2006

midsummer night's dream

hello all, thought i would just drop by for a moment to show you what a little procrastination and a sunday off can acheive. This is the tropical twilight polwarth plyed with the sarsparilla silk handkerchiefs (check previous post) and its yum as. about 72 metres and.. arg. like spinning fairies or something (is that just weird?)
loved spinning silk, LOVED it. wool is nicer on the hands but silk looks SOOOOO pretty... mmmmm
ok, well prac went well, have yet to pick up report but i am assured its glowing. just handed in one assessment piece and have i think 4 to go.. which is ok. i can deal. it takes more than an essay to break a knitter, let me tell you!

hope to make snb on thursday, though may be unable to knit since all my stress induced knitting is likely to cramp my hands up!

knit on peeps!

Ms Spider xo


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