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Thursday, April 27, 2006

for town & country

yep, well i finished them a day later than i hoped (please nobody ask me about the homework situation.. though i have brought home two Distinctions this week... go Spidey!)
I finished the second on the bus to uni this morning and realised i had left my grafting needle and scissors at home.. so i did a three needle cast off on the toe and then bit the yarn til it would snap... the lady sitting next to me clearly thought i should be getting off at the hospital!
Of course, i then proceeded to weird out my 9.30am tute group by arriving very flustered and promptly changing my socks (im sorry people, but i wore a coordinating jumper in honour of the event...) and then demanding attention for my socks. luckily most people are used to my ways and humour me suitably ^.^

pretty or what??? now off to finish some stupid paper about who i think has the best ideas on classroom management... seriously - ew!

knit on!


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