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Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Ok, my life has completely collapsed upon itself and i'm left standing here clutching my knitting bag wondering how everything got so insane. i dont really know where my head is right now, and there is no way i am going to blacken my name further by airing dirty laundry online. But i have to say, i am very very very sorry to the person i have hurt. I have barely been able to eat a thing in 4 days or even sleep and you have to know i care very much about you. Nothing i have done was meant to hurt you but i have to do what makes me happy and well. I think in time you will understand why i had to do this, but until then i hope you know me well enough to know i am an honest and sensitive person and i wouldnt have done this without good reason.

that said, i am now going to go and try to sleep for a couple of hours before i leave. I'm ok. i have been better, but i'll live. don't miss me too much at SnB and i'll try to think of you all once or twice as i lie on tropical beaches with my favourite books. You have no idea how much i need a holiday and to escape everything for a little while. When did life become so complicated?? Why does my reaction to stress have to be a desire to throw-up? not that i do, but feeling like you will for long periods of time is worse.

anyway, apologies for being cryptic, see you all in a week.

from the soon-to-be-saner
Ms Spider


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