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Friday, May 19, 2006


"Oh lordy, block me! block me now!" or rather "Dad, just shutup and take the berloody photo"

needless to say... quite pleased with self. Rewards have been spoken of. May involve chocolate. Got to wear on prac today and the boys were tres impressed. (they like me! they really like me!!)

Prac is well :) enjoying myself greatly.

Oh and all SnBers! I shall be going to the whoredom that will the be the bus depot market celebration of wool on sunday AND going to snb in Civic at 2pm. So anyone needing follow up lessons for their socks (ie. heels are scary first time round) i shall be present and correct with lorna's laces to show off ;) I also mentioned to someone that i had a ball-winder and swift but have absolutely no idea who it was (deleted many of my emails recently) so if it was you please let me know by midday saturday so i remember to pack them :)

Happy Friday!


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