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Monday, June 19, 2006

sock pow ka-bam!

thanks to kylie for a lovely title. and thanks for everyone who gave suggestions (some via email, thanks shane) i will use them all i promise :). i chose this one because i feel like a superhero to have finished the smegging pink socks!!!

So i have not posted for YONKS (technical term) and have so much to tell! so this will be huge and blabby and feel free to just look at the pictures. if you need a lie-down halfway through i quite understand.

firstly, Uni is over for the semester and i'm pretty sure i've enrolled correctly and all that malarky for semester 2 (if ever you didnt want to think about uni it would be in the holidays - exams arent even ocver yet!). First to admit i'm finding it somewhat difficult to care at the moment. Everyone who saw me leave the Lit 5 exam early and worried i'd screwed it up - fear not! i have a very quick creative process and i really really truly only take an hour for an in-class essay. i did fine and i hope you all did too.

spent the beginning of last week at the farm. hadnt been out for ages and had such a lovely time. Sherpa and i are reading our way through agatha christie, and finished the 13 problems and a murder is announced whilst out there. we're onto chapter 5 of the body in the library, but will probably read a Poirot next so as to conserve the worlds' limited supply of Miss Marple (who i want to BE!). Also while out at the farm, my 'Aunt' Anne hijacked me and deposited some of her late mother's stash upon my house! HURRAH!
22 balls of pure black wool 10 ply. i think this wants to be the rogue hoodie. i dont know if i can get guage though.20 balls of pure wool 8 ply crepe (its much more plummy than the flash admits).2 balls patons fireside in a lovely heathery blue, some various mohair-esque concoctions and a bit of 3 ply to be booties. some of this is headed for the swap basket (Taph is shuddering right now as she sees that awful knitting netting crap).

Now what else can i tell you all? it's been VERY cold.

Ooh as of this morning i have finished liv's socks! they are pressed (to look more sock-y) and wrapped and i shall post them tomorrow. THANK DOG. here they are reclining amongst my brothers ' bonzais.(note to self: do NOT offer to knit socks for people a) in colourways you have knit before, b) who's feet are bigger than yours or c) who will likely as not shrink or felt them.) But yes, done and good riddance. now i only have to finish leah's bobble socks and i think i can cast on some new sockies for MEEEE!!!!

SnB yesterday was lovely, despite a few missing personel. Nice to see so many new/newish faces and Taph rocked up with her lovely little travelling spinning wheel for an impromptu wheel check from leigh. i was very well behaved and knit only liv's socks. TRUE! im getting SO concientous its scary!
Taph and Monica, our two invalids both made it! glad to see you both up and about. and well done Taph for your excellent yarn remainder estimation (or luck perhaps?).Leigh and Karen debating seriously (someone must have said they prefered ack-rylic to cashmere or something).Margot and (mental-blank) doing what they do best).
Here is the lovely Sharon knitting some gorgeous hand-painted wool into a scarf for her niece. And of course there were some treats in the swap basket and i managed to end up with quite a bit!
4 skeins of some lovely twisty cotton in purples and yellows and blues (much more purple than shows up here). Reeny, i was planning to offer this to you when you got back from Lincraft so if it appeals let me know and i'll bring it for you next time. dont make noises about what about me because CLEARLY i am opperating around a massive stash explosion and.. you look like you're overdoing it anyway.9 balls of patons joy which Taph had a play with and then abandoned. im thinking a loose summer shawly thing to wear over summery frocks and an adoreable pink bikini i have yet to locate but looks good on me in my mind (useful that, and much more healthy for ones self-esteem to forgoe the mirror and assume you look delicious).And.. well i think its time for an update on my life. about 2 months ago, just before i went to vanuatu my life exploded. which basically means that the BFG and i broke up (which had been coming for a very long time but was still rather destroying for us both i think). however, to make matters more complicated and to paint myself the villain, VERY soon after the breakup, while i was still catching my breath i realised i was completely in love with ToD - who is pretty much my best friend next to Leah. this unfortunate realisation was rapidly made more complicated as it turned out to be mutual. luckily i got a weeks' holiday and got to get away to have a think... but for those of you who are not thick, ToD and Sherpa are one and the same. So yes. that is what has been happening. and i feel like a cow to try to explain how happy i am considering... well i didnt do anything wrong at all but there is such a thing as a mourning period and i do still feel guilty about that. but G and i are still on good terms ( i think) and i do believe one day we can all talk properly as friends (and G you never ever ever have to listen to me go on about turning a heel ever again! rejoice! and i wont interupt your watching of the world cup!!)

so yes, such is life. and rest assured, i am very happy and in the right place and anyone who has seen us together can see what it is i cant find words for. and i was trying so hard to keep this blog knit-only too! but i feel you are all my friends and have come out from behind my mothers skirt to tell you a secret.

knit on!

the hopelessly romantic
Ms Spider xo

PS thanks for everyone for your support. you know who you are and you've made all the difference to me.


  • At June 19, 2006 2:17 pm, Blogger mumblingmonkey said…


  • At June 19, 2006 3:04 pm, Blogger Taphophile said…

    Well done on the socks, Spidey - you deserve a little something special now for finishing them. Not yarn, obviously after the stash enhancement lately, not more yarn, but maybe something chocolate.

    The Sherpa, is of course, lovely. I think we'll make him an honorary Bitch. Waddaya reckon?

  • At June 20, 2006 6:51 am, Blogger Sometimes Unwilling Guru said…

    Its lovely to hear you are happy!!!!!
    Well done with finishing the pink sock! I'm sailing with the blue Magic Opal( a gift) but sadly my own knitting is not progressing as much!

  • At June 20, 2006 8:15 am, Blogger kylie said…

    was wondering where you got to! thats some haul and you are a very clever sock-superhero. you are also now my dying superhero. glad you are smiling. love the title too! :) ps, i will get to an snb in july for sure.

  • At June 21, 2006 11:16 am, Blogger Stephanie said…

    Oh my gosh - the striping! It all looks great but I can't even imagine getting into that! I bought more sock yarn on my expidition to Houston last week. I need to post about it. About the boyfriend, you are supposed to do all that when you are young - it's still hard - but that's how we learn who the right person to be with is! Still, I am glad I have gone through that period and am an old married woman! Be happy!


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