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Saturday, March 24, 2007

I'm really not the world's best blogger am I?

Ok so what has happened since we last spoke? lots!

On thursday night we had the harlot happening in manuka and it was FABULOUS! there were knitters everywhere, fun puzzles, free starbucks samples (Sherpa is such a sweetie) and a plethora of prizes ^_^ i in fact took out the first lucky door prize of the night! this beautiful roving from ewe give me the knits. It really wants to be reinvented as sock yarn but we will see. I'm thinking a fine two ply anyway... maybe gloves? i really dont want to walk through this gorgeous fibre :)

There are lots more pics over with Bells who did live blogging during the event. If you scroll down a bit you might see a seriously spaced out looking girl (i really didnt want to look at the camera, that's what that face is about) wearing her newly completed green sweater! I'm very happy with it, the wool is great - very soft and really makes the pattern pop.

what else? well on sunday i started a pair of socks for Sherpa. He LOVES them (the finished one has been worn already). it's a reticulation pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks (again) and I'm using jade green patonyle and deep green striping four seasons hot socks. Its a interesting technique and i definitely recommend it to you if you have gotten over the plain stocking stitch self-striping sock yarn thing. this way you get to do something more interesting, practice your stranding and you look like you're way smarter than you really are (or way less lazy, whatever).

Funny thing that happened this week:

Told my boss' 8yo son i had to vote today
aemon: dont vote for (insert some random country MP here).
me: why not?
aemon: he's evil
me: who told you that?
aemon: ads.

do you think the political ads are maybe hitting the wrong demographic?

oh and my leg is really hurting at the moment. i was pretty much limping again today and it was so much better for a while there. have to wear loose clothing for a while longer i guess.
oh and Harry is visiting for the weekend. He is not a poser, clearly the camera is going to bite him.

off the top of my head i cant think of anything else...

The vague
Ms Spider

PS. Mum loved her birthday socks and Nana Sherpa loved her anti-carcinagenic socks. all is right in the sock-dom.

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  • At March 25, 2007 2:53 am, Anonymous sarai. said…

    I like that sock pattern!

    But what I like even more is your gorgeous green sweater. It is a fantastic knit, but it also looks wonderful on you! Congratulations.

  • At March 25, 2007 8:24 pm, Blogger Bells said…

    oh I was just reading about those socks. I got a copy of SKS yesterday and am in love.

    Yours look marvellous!

    And I'm going to watch with interest to see how that roving knits up Spidey. You're a lucky knitter.

  • At March 26, 2007 7:34 pm, Blogger Taphophile said…

    Damn those socks are fine. The Sherpa and Mike did an outstanding job at Starbucks on Thursday. Almost ready to forgive Mike the cr***et.

  • At March 27, 2007 7:45 am, Blogger Jejune said…

    Wonderful socks as ever, Spidey - and your green jumper is just beautiful. Give Sherpa a pat on the head from me - he and Mike did a very good job :)
    How is his Nanna going? Have the socks worked their magic?

    Hope your leg stops hurting soon - but I guess there's lots of layers to heal, poor thing :/

  • At April 06, 2007 11:26 pm, Blogger AR said…

    Your pic at Bell's blog is cute! The sweater looks great. Hope your leg feels better soon. Ouch.


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