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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

this and that

Hi Ladies, sorry it's been a while.

My first week of prac was good (not just because it was only 4 days long, but it helped). everyone is really nice and my classes are good. i hope. :) i am now on school holidays for two weeks.. then i go back for seven weeks. so we'll see how that goes.

we havent had a great week though. Sherpa's other grandmother passed away last thursday night and we went to the funeral yesterday. it was quite unexpected and very sad all around. so Sherpa hasnt been his usual chirpy self, despite The Wizard of Oz opening on Friday night. As per usual he stole the show... just SO huggable as the scarecrow, i wanted to stand tall and shout "HE'S MINE!!!" especially when dorothy kisses him! (just a cheek peck, but still!)

SnB was good on sunday if a little quiet... and. I had a disaster. i think that i left my one complete monkey sock at starbucks. they havent seen it... and its making me feel quite sick.

this is the rogue hoodie so far. i didnt touch it since sunday night til this arvo because my arm was hurting a bit and i thought i'd be far more stressed on prac if i couldnt knit!

this is the completed body and hood (apologies for the blurriness... and Arabella had to stand in because Sherpa is working or performing ALL the time at the moment).The neck and hood from the front.detail of the hood cables from the side.
pretty, no?
these are pretty close to the colour. (i know i say that a lot... but heathered yarns are SO hard to photograph accurately!

Peace out
Ms Spider xo

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  • At April 17, 2007 8:54 pm, Blogger Kuka said…

    aaaah love love love it!

  • At April 18, 2007 8:55 am, Blogger Jejune said…

    So sorry to hear of Sherpa's grandmother's death - it's hard at the best of times, and harder when it's not expected.

    Good on Sherpa for soldiering (or should that be scarecrowing) along - having seen him in action before, I know what a consummate actor he is :)

    The Rogue Hoodie is just spectacular - I love those cables, and the colour, and the design, and, well, just all of it :)

    Hope your missing sock shows up - very worrying :/ Maybe it's decided to go for a jaunt around Civic?

  • At April 18, 2007 11:25 am, Blogger Bells said…

    I'm sorry to hear about Sherpa's grandmother. Hugs to him.

    Why would someone want only one monkey sock? How insane!

    That hoodie is a work of art. Go Spidey!

  • At April 18, 2007 12:31 pm, Blogger Catherine said…

    Love your hoodie. I'm drooling over your heather purple cables.

    So sorry to hear about the grandmother passing. Hope everyone is doing well!

  • At April 18, 2007 12:44 pm, Blogger kms said…

    the hoodie is spectacular and having knitted in that yarn before i can attest to the close-to-accurateness of the colours today. im so sorry to hear about the losses, hugs to sherpa and praying for the monkey sock... perhaps some "lost" posters around civic? :)

  • At April 18, 2007 4:39 pm, Blogger catsmum said…

    The hoodie is sublime but the missing sock situation is a bit worrying. What if a muggle finds it and thinks it's JUST a sock? I would be feeling a bit sick too if 'twas me.

  • At April 18, 2007 8:29 pm, Blogger Georgie said…

    So very sorry to hear about Sherpa's grandmother...a big hug to him, and to you too.

    Congrats on surviving week 1 of prac, you're sounding very positive about it.

    The hoodie is looking amazing, the neckline detail is just gorgeous. No doubt about it - you work magic with those needles.

    Willing the monkey sock home...there's no place like home.....there's no place like home....

  • At April 20, 2007 4:44 pm, Blogger Lynne said…

    The hoodie looks fabulous, the colour is gorgeous. I'll have to have a closer look at my newly arrived shade card!


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