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Friday, January 16, 2009

Road trip: day 2

The morning in Bendigo began with the dawn chorus. That is, workmen drilling and reversing trucks for long periods of time. Sock knitting, however, took the edge off it all.

After a hastily consumed breakfast, and a few wrong turns, we ended up at the mill. We savoured the moment by exploring outside for a little while...

And then we hit the bargain room.
Some damage was done, at least to our reputations as sane and rational modern women.

We hit some op-shops.
We dragged ourselves off to a strange mohair farm in the hope of a tour of cute animals but sadly no tour was available. The man who was manning the store was obviously VERY confused by our arrival and had some trouble dealing with idea that I am under 25, knit, spin and may not totally suck at either of the latter (I do totally suck at being under 25, i tend to swing rapidly between mental ages of 4 and 50).
Some nice spinning fibre was located but no photos were taken.

We then raced towards Mooroopna and made it there just the very minute that the SPC Factory Outlet Store closed. Luckily, TSS is far more persuasive than I am and talked our way inside to buy large quantities of tinned tomatoes.

We then proceeded to Wangaratta (or 'The Wang' as every local calls it, much to my amusement). We had a swim in the motel pool, ordered thai food and enjoyed some bevvies at the local pub while we waited.

We watched The Wedding Planner and I knitted my pink cardigan and we periodically shared idiotic grins of pure joy.

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