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Saturday, October 25, 2008

stupid contagions

What is it with Spring?
Something about all the flowers, the greens, the cool nights and warm days, the sweet-smelling breezes and longer daytime... everyone around me gets hay fever and I come down with Startitis. There seems to be a bit of this going around.
I had been doing so well. Was really quite faithful to the black-shrug-o-doom. Had to frog back cause I realised the pattern was be-cucked and decided it was going to be way easier if I altered the gauge a little and just worked from the chart for the lace... and worked the rest out for myself. So I am much happier with the project but was still deluding myself a week ago that I could finish it for, err, today. On about Tuesday my hands started to cramp up from being too faithful to one needle size and... I admitted defeat. To be fair, Taph had reached the conclusion that I couldn't do it in time a lot earlier, but was graceful as always.
So... the sensible thing to do would be to finish it, right? get it out of the way? keep plugging away at a sensible rate?
Fortunately, I have never been accused of being sensible. "Completely barking" is the way it's usually phrased, I believe (bitches bark too, y'know).
So, flush from the "release" from a deadline... I've been covetting many projects. I tried to restrain myself, knitting only my bus socks and my Casablanca top (started 3 weeks ago when we were going on a car trip and I couldnt face the socks and didnt want to get coastal grit in my cashmere). And I did quite well. For me. Finished one sock and got halfway down the leg of the second. Got about halfway down the bodice of Casablanca....

And then I cast on this. I could kick myself if I wasn't enjoying it so much! It's the Starburst Sweater from styledbykristin in Patons Jet (yes, I'm knitting alpaca blend in warm weather - give me a kick!)
I at least have faith that once the funky lace patterned back bit is finished I'll probably lose interest for a while. But for now, I'm rather enjoying myself.

If i can just focus on these four projects and not cast on the other 40 I want to... I might actually finish something before Christmas!
Oh, and stop spinning...
Happy weekend!
Peace out,
Ms Spider xo

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