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Friday, July 29, 2005

BeatleWear so far...

And here, children, is the latest lineup from BeatleWear and happy spider.

Below: happy spider wears rescued resized op-shop shirt, 'scarlet' denim formal top and 'flower-child' hippy skirt (knits teal sweater). Baby bear wears 'sins of eve' mohair sweater and 'sandra d' poodle skirt.

Baby bear wears 'gracie-lou' fifties frock, 'cuddle-me' cardigan and ribbon choker. Happy spider wears wrap kaftan top, low-rize corduroys and mohair/beaded hair-flower.

Happy spider wears 'hello sailor' blouse and rescued jeans 'beatle' skirt. Baby bear wears 'hug-me' shrug and 70's beach dress. (how beautiful is my doggy?)

Happy spider wears too much makeup and halter neck dress. Baby bear wears flapper hat and 'fine romance' camisole.

Baby bear wears devil hat, hand-made earrings and 60's shift. Happy spider wears lacy scarf, 'shirted-off' shirt and 'clueless' pleated mini.

Thanks, thats all folks! stay tuned for further installments, and thanks to baby bear, the queen of wonderment and the BFG for loan of his camera.


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