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Monday, July 25, 2005

title is as title does

Finished back piece of pink sweater today while watching the end of Othello in Lit studies. Magic, if you ignore the bit where we ran out of time on the dvd and everything went POP! and the tv went to blue screen of death three minutes before the end.

The first of these pics is a hair-flower thing i knit free-style after seeing the pic in the recent Jo Sharp pattern book. i didnt copy the pattern, but was inspired so should give credit. the centre is a self-covering button (i pre-beaded a bit of cloth and then covered the button with it.

This is just to show off the pretty buttons i found... Spotlight gets it right occasionally it seems. They're on a Quick-Sew shirt i sewed a few weeks ago... already a favourite.

Happy monday to all and to all a good night.

PS. rescued some more abused yarn today, this big blue green and white roger david cotton sweater. it's bulky size and pretty nice colours... but MAN! fair isle is a pain in the butt to frog!


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