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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

It was the best of times...

Yes indeed, a day off for me.
Yes, i have a pair of unstitched trousers pending for my best friend, the Queen of Wonderment.
Yes, i should be immersed in the insanity of Dostoyevski.
Yes, at some point i should try to squeeze blood from a stone and find something to cook for dinner. (this does require me to plan, i'm like that.)
Yes, i could use another 8 hours sleep.
But i also have a gorgeous partial sweater sitting in my bag, singing it's siren song ('knit me, knit me...') and day-time tv isn't THAT bad... is it?

by the by, saw Sin City last night and all i can say is "Holy crickets!" (Hermione Granger style). Will say no more, but instruct you to go see it immediately. QT has his greasy little fingerprints all over it, let me tell you!

(N0 pics today but maybe later on if the sweater overwhelms me)


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