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Friday, August 05, 2005

and they danced all night in ugly shoes

Riddle me this Batman: If a tree fell on a forester, would anyone care?

Went to the BFGs Uni dinner/dance thing last night, and my goodness those boys can throw it back! Not that my boy is a forester type (don't misunderstand!) but there were three or four at our table who acted as though breasts (specifically, my breasts) had only just been invented and should be examined closely for scientific purposes.
We had a young chap have his knee dislocated (due to forrester-type 'dancing'), a fellow throwing wine-glasses into the middle of the table one after another to watch them smash and somebody broke the toilet (no idea how they did this).
There were a few young girlies who had a leeetle too much to drink and insisted on the DJ playing that terrible 'Drop it like its hot' song. Trouble is, they could 'drop it' but were obviously struggling to pick it up again.
This is Happy Spider and the BFG looking terribly suave. Wish i could take credit for the dress, but its a vintage find from my work. Did knit the shrug though. You can't see, but am also wearing gold ballet slippers. Sound strange? i was the only girl not to twist her ankle by the end of the night.
Not just a pretty face, folks!

Additional: BFG wears his own suit, my daddy's pink 70's shirt and my brothers ganster hat. Our facial expressions are explained as follows : BFG's mother took photo (hence blurriness and overexposed), i had to pee and we were running 30 minutes late. (Come to think of it this may also explain mystery belly-bulge)

Til we knit again...


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