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Monday, August 01, 2005


Ms Spider,
I must write as i am perturbed as to the point of your blog. Your photos are lovely, but what is one to do with them? Is this blatant rant-space or somewhere to tempt your friends to purchase knitted things?
Confused, ACT

Dear Confused,
Poor thing, i quite understand.
Firstly, this space is for me to have a mega-winge when things that are crap occur.
Secondly, i show photos in no particular order pertaining to nothing in particular.
Thirdly, i show off clothing that my friends are able to convince me to make for them (by emailing me at
feel free to contact me if you continue to be confused.
Happy Spider

Dear Happy

You seem to be forever referring to people in code, and i find it difficult to determine who you're banging on about. Please explain.

No Life, NSW

Wow! No Life, you really have no life at all! in case you seriously care here is a brief explanation. I will not use their real names so as to protect the guilty, but here is an approximate list.

the BFG - one's boyfriend. (Big Friendly Giant, Bad Furry Gherkin, Boy Friend Guy etc etc)

Queen of Wonderment - one's bestest friend ever

the evil one (or stink boy) - one's younger brother

baby bear - very patient and beautiful friend of one's brother who allows me to dress her up

TOD - my twin of destiny, soul mate of the mind.

Harry - my dog. no pseudonym, except 'the dog'.

Will make a point of explaining each new pseudonym as it arrives

Love, Happy.

'Dear' spider-breath, why do you crap on so much? what gives you the right to moan on and on about your knitting, or the fashion industry. maybe you're just a misshapen cow! did you consider that??

Why unamed stranger!

it turns out (and believe me, i'm as suprised as anyone) that i'm actually a magical type of Elfish creature and therefor impervious to mortal criticism. Nice try though!

Happy Spider

Anyone wishing to add to this circus, feel free to email all comments considered for posting. particularly entirely fictitious spider-created ones.

Peace out!


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