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Saturday, April 21, 2007

you tell me

I think my brain is broken. let me explain.

My lovely friend Phil recently moved back to Canberra from Lismore. We were pals in primary school (with secret crushes on each other) and our lives have crossed from time to time in the years since. We always have a lot of fun together but the way my health has been lately i really dont have the energy to go out as much as he asks me.
Last night i was vegging on the sofa and phil messaged me to come out for a drink. i said nay. he pushed and i gave in. Phil and his lovely girlfriend Vic and i went up to the local and i had a strawberry and vanilla martini. then we bought a bottle of white and went home. When Sherpa got home from the play i was maggot. Totally. I forgot to have dinner... so yes. insert very late night and disturbed sleep (i wasnt sick but i felt a bit so).

the punchline? Today i had to work. I missed the bus. The shop got egged. The new girl did a runner. AND it was the best day i can remember having ever. I am so happy today. nothing got to me and i just called phil and vic to come and eat thai food with me... and i never get social two nights in a row. hence, my brain is broken.

The Joyous
Ms Spider xo

PS. i finished the sleeves but they seemed very skinny... i stuffed up the increases. starting in row 6. so yeah, the sleeves are still on the go. but do i mind? NO! because i am HAPPY.

PPS. how sick is it that my first assumption was that something was wrong with me because i felt good?

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