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Friday, October 05, 2007

blech ahoy

So i finished the stupid essay.. and it really REALLY is. ugh. And i am good at essays. i am brilliant at essays. I tutor kids doing the AST in essay writing for chrissakes. and if i had a decent topic, i'd get an HD no worries. As it is I'm hoping to pass. Ps make degrees people!

And just to top off my uni 'joy', today there is an all day 'mini-conference' on socio-cultural politics in education. most of them will be in lecture theatres ('Hello spider socks") but a few of my peers opted to do a presentation instead of an essay... suckers! so we get to watch them in smaller rooms and people will notice the knitter (though i can always argue with this subject that it's a part of my personal cultural identity and their lack of tolerance is offensive... which it is of course. but then i'd be a tosser like all of them.. and i'm much more likely to be honest and say "how else am i supposed to get through this? - valium is a prescription drug").

Anyway, i did have some knitting time yesterday while recovering from dental work (my favourite) and as a result I am up to the second heel flap. WHich is nice.. they are chugging along for what is essentially black stocking stitch.. but it does mean i now have no beading to bribe myself with. oh well.. i'm sure black 4ply stocking stitch will seem fascinating after 10 minute of mini-conference hell. They are pretty though arent they? i love beads.. and these socks rock. I'd better work out what's next though, or i'll finish and be all forlorn. my second peacock sock i suppose... remember your goals spidey, finish those WIPs!

Ok, better go eat something... academics are even more boring when i have low blood sugar.

Peace out y'all
Ms Spider xo

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  • At October 05, 2007 8:17 am, Anonymous Carolyn said…

    Oh, one is a spider and the other is the web...I get it now. They look great. I love the beads against the dark surface.


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