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Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Yup, is done. And because i can't photograph myself we have two almost identical pics.I likes it. i think it will need to be worn in a little - the velvet ribbon is a bit stiff and i need to find a clasp i really like. but yes, c'est finit!

Ms Spider xo

PS yes, those are all my circs hanging above my left shoulder.

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  • At October 16, 2007 10:40 pm, Blogger Taphophile said…

    Oooh, it's lovely AND you get to go shopping for notions. :)

  • At October 17, 2007 11:10 am, Blogger TinkingBell said…

    So pretty! Have fun with les enfants terribles!!!

  • At October 17, 2007 4:06 pm, Anonymous 2paw said…

    Wow, it looks so lovely, and I am sure it will soften with wear.
    Yes, I had to teach LOTE to children who were having difficulty with comprehension and reading in Language. I taught a Kinder style programme (it was Primary school, Grades 3-6). WE learned the colours and iced biscuits and added Smarties, we played What's the Time Mr Wolf to learn the time etc. I don't expect you can do that at High school. :-(

  • At October 17, 2007 5:58 pm, Blogger Jejune said…

    Oh wow, it's beautiful - can't wait to meet Cambio in person :)

  • At October 18, 2007 9:33 am, Blogger The Shopping Sherpa said…

    I just thought you had a terribly arty designer lamp :-)


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