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Sunday, November 11, 2007

time flies when you breathe too many yarn fumes

Another weekend gone. How does it happen?

Since last we spoke i have gotten onto the second ball of yarn for my seashell shrug (of 20 though, so nobody get too excited). I got 9 inches of 2x2 rib over 78 sts out of one ball, so i'm pretty happy with that.I need to knit 18 inches before i can do anything remotely interesting (like.. decreases). But this afternoon i just needed a comfort project and this wool is really delish. Nothing like a crepe. It's a much deeper, winier colour than the picture shows too.

The reason i needed a no-brainer was that i started another shawl yesterday. I'm using some Fibreworks 2ply silk that i bought from Helen Rippen on our little day trip (joods got some too). It was a realy bitch to wind, for some reason the skein was very tangled and being silk it was sticking to itself.Anyway, that pattern is the Thistle Dinner and Coffee cloth from the second book of Modern Lace Knitting by Marianne Kinzel (genius). Obviously i am making a shawl, not a huge doily, and have altered gauge a fair bit.loving it, but the chart is a little bizarre so it requires my concentration. I might photocopy it and then alter it with white out so i don't have to remember that there are two symbols for k2tog that are used interchangably (and no, one is not ssk. well, not consistently anyway).

Had Taph round today for our weekly fibre exchange. I am now the proud owner of 11 balls of patons fresco (cotton acrylic blend) for the drop-stitch lace tank from Fitted Knits. VERY excited, but as i am now using BOTH the addi sizes required it may take a little while.. or not. i am such a yarn whore.
We had a nice little play date and I spent the evening knitting 2x2 rib and watching Jonathon Creek with a very sleepy, cuddley monkey. Quite satisfactory.

Peace out,
Ms Spider xo

PS. Dear SSS participants: i told you i'd get sick of it ;)

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