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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

cool change

Today i had a visit from the lovely Jejune and dotter Othlon. There was sandwiching, bunny-snuggling, spinning and knitting.
after this pleasant interlude (and a little nap) there may have been some damage done at Cassidy's in Kingston. thats Filatura Di Crosa, 10 balls black, 10 balls baby pink, 10 balls bluebell blue and 9 balls dark denim-y blue.
Did you know Zara is being discontinued? Im not sure if i believe them, they might just mean that their supplier is no longer going to supply them. For whatever reason, I got 4 sweaters worth of yarn, $388.05 retail value of yarn for $78. Pretty happy really :D Feeling no guilt. honest! For those of you who are still interested, there is a sh-load of Zara in many colours, chocolate brown Me and mustard/poo brown Me, and a sh-load of NZ Haven (merino 8ply). There is some Zarina as well but not much and a varied amount of zhivago and the like. all $2 per ball. Go to it.

Oh and lest you think my brain can't cope with anything but 6ply socks... i finished the body pieces of my Mohair Cowl Sweater (Pattern from Knitting Magazine, September 2007). Yes, I am blocking the pieces but i find mohair on such an open guage is much easier to seam if first blocked. particularly in a grey this dark - i dont need to go blind early. I'll cast on the sleeves tonight (both at the same time or i lose interest after one and I'm not inclined to amputate in order to save myself from boredom). Have so far used 2 and 1/2 balls of Cleckheaton Studio Mohair. I had 8. I think i might have enough after all ;)

Am feeling a good deal better but it's still kicking my arse everytime i over-estimate myself. It's slow going.

And the bunnies are still in love.

Peace out
Ms Spider

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  • At January 18, 2008 2:52 pm, Blogger Michelle said…

    That is a great haul you got there! I went there at lunchtime today and bought heaps of the Zara and Haven - $320 worth for onoly $76. Pretty chuffed, I was, and that doesn't include the $230 of Me for $34 I bought on Saturday!

    I love the mohair cowl sweater! Can't wait to see it up close.

    And those bunnies are soooooo cute. You are killing me with the cute!


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