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Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Isn't boxing day the best? no obligations left, holidays... and thinking about it, it's my first day off proper since school ended.
so in true spidey style i did a good deal of dyeing and knitting.
This is the EGMTK optim knit up
Looking like a weird sea creature
And hey presto! folded up to be an EZ baby surprise jacket.
I love it! the yarn is so soft, perfect for a little one with brand new skin and the pattern is genius. It started making sense a bit before half way and then i was able to relax and enjoy it a little more. I've since seamed the shoulders and am hunting down some perfect pretty buttons.

I can also now reveal my secret knitting for my Monkey:
Yes, i only have one finished but i was only knitting when he wasn't around... and i'm only human. plus it's too hot to wear them so i'm letting myself take my time.
I just finished dyeing yarn for my December Lights Tam by MaryJane Mucklestone from the recent Interweave Knits Holidays. I'm using 2 yarns instead of 8 but am using my own hand-painted yarns with long, toning colour repeats so i'm expecting it to look pretty fab.

I'm sure now i have time to myself i'll be be blogging again soon, but until then...
Happy holidays from all of us here!

Peace out,
Ms Spider

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