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Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Hi y'all. Been a strange week so far.

Monday i finished (and wore to work) my drop-stitch tank. HOT! Love it. It actually doesnt look as weird/blurry as in this pic but i havent blocked it and i was home alone. love it love it love it. This yarn is awesome. and it on;y used 5.2 50g balls ^_^

Monday night i freaked cos i didnt feel like knitting lace and had no appropriate project for my mood... SO i spun some of the EGMTK fibre and cast on a beret. You can see here how manic i am.. i'm about to run out of yarn and there is tons of fibre left... silly Spidey. Short attention span, really?

Yesterday morning i experienced that joyful right of passage as a teacher - having a kid spew in class. Of course i had to clean it up and then attempt to go on with the work. They were pretty well behaved considering.. but it did make for a unsettling start to the day.
And then last night we hosted the Starbucks christmas party... so a lot of grog and a lot of singstar was partaken of. I got to bed at a reasonable hour but no-one else did so i was a little short-tempered today. Doesn't hurt the kids i teach to get a good dressing down every now and then though.

In between all that excitement, however, i received a package from my ravelry Australian Knitters tea-cosy swap person; KnitsMcgee. Very exciting indeed (that's my own tea-pot - i just had to show how well it fitted!). I'm so spoilt, and it arrived on a day i had to clean up puke with an audience so karma clearly likes me.

So that inspired me to get off my butt and finish my own cosy. So i did. (great story Spidey, really!). Well.. actually i cast on this evening... but i can be quite diligent when i have to be. Too cute, right? That would be Happy Spider 12ply in Watermelon (the black bits i embroidered on with black seed beads). I'm going to have to post it soon or i'll be too attached to let it out of my sight.

Anyway, I'm pretty bogged down with marking. So i ought to go do some (yeah, my plan to do school work only at school is falling down a little... at least i held out a good long while!).

Peace out,
Ms Spider xo

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