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Sunday, November 25, 2007

coming up roses

Before i start going on and on (and on) about knitting, i thought i would show you all what's been happening in my garden (what with the rain and all).

What with the miraculous properties rain has (above and beyond tap water or grey water) my roses have exploded.
Napoli (i think. It's something Napoli... supposedly a minature but it got huge this year)
Just Joey, just expanding.Double Delight with white snapdragon snuggling it.
Black Beauty (not as dark as i was expecting but very pretty nonetheless.
There are more flowers but i'll save them for later in the week.

In knitting news.. i have been focused on that tank. oh yeah. in fact, if i am irresponsible with my english marking over the weekend i may very well be able to wear it tomorrow (w00t!).

I have also had quite a bit come in this week...
my EGMTK fibre club package for November... excitement!
Some more Fibreworks 2ply silk because i lub the purple one so much.and a certain enabler we all know may have made some miraculous purchases, one of which i shall show you.Naturally Merino et Soie 8ply... 10 balls. *drool*
you hate me now, right?
ah well, bound to happen.

Peace out,
Ms Spider xo

PS Happy end of the regime!

PPS Pomegranates are yummy.

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