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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Much ado about knitting

Raspberry Sorbet sweater is squirming along, have completed back, front and one and a half sleeves. I'm a little worried that a turtleneck will not do - it's a slightly itchy yarn and i DO NOT wear skivvys...
I suppose i could do that funny split turtle neck thing, you know, like a collar over one shoulder? Sometimes they have buttons on them as well... but they sort of remind me of baby jumpers. and every one is wearing them at the moment, which puts me right off instantaniously. Uno grando problemo.

To be honest, I'd much rather start my next project, Cambio from It is soooooo yummy and i'm dreaming of beaded ribbing... i even have a pre-frogged cotton top the right colour and weight and everything! Am a little worried as to the possible cost of '2565[2835, 3105, 3375] size 6 silver core glass seed beads'. Also, did you know these things come in sizes?? have i been living under a size 7 rock?

Am very exited because am expecting soon in the mail pattern 4841 from Mcalls... the most truly delicious collar shape ever! i am hooked on the green one (version C) and just want to wear it tomorrow. Sadly (or more to the point, realistically) it wont arrive for at least another two weeks. But am still exited!

Gripe time:
Have noticed, of late, some very bad seaming. This comes from mature knitters, and many handknits i've picked up to frog wouldn't be so bad if someone would bother to learn mattress stitch. I've been knitting seriously for less than two years and my seams dont look like someone got at them with a hedge-trimmer! Why waste all the money and time and effort of knitting yourself a size 16 lace cotton jumper if you refuse to pick up a book and follow some simple instructions for professional finishing? Grrr!
(Happy spider re-learnt from Debbie Bliss, How to knit, best book ever if you want common sense and good instructions. i know one of the reviews is scalding, but this was written by a complete idiot! it doesnt matter what your hands do provided your stitches turn out all right. There is no right way to knit! Also, the projects might not be your thing, but this book is the best companion you could possibly have to any other knit pattern.)

Anyway, as you can probably all tell, i remembered about hyperlinking today (the BFG is going to laugh at me so hard, he thinks am complete techno-retard).
Sorry, no pics today, but i might let the cat out of the bag and tell you all that happy spiders Tax Return may be equivalent to a Digital Camera. E-e-e-excellent...

So, to quote the Bay City Rollers....

"Bye bye baby, baby bye bye!"


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