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Sunday, September 04, 2005


Oh Lordy i am scared! On prac tomorrow and am fair shakin' in my boots!
In order to distract myself i have been attempting to finish Caressa (look like an appropriate college teacher jacket to you? yes i thought so also.)
Just like Ei, have been having zipper dramas! Thank god for Becky, who's sage advice states 'Baste first, backstitch later' as once i had basted in the zipper i discovered that my ribs didnt match up in the middle... by an inch. Quite ridiculous i assure you! Looked like i had Picasso-esque mammories! So to cut a long story short, i havent quite got her up and running yet... and i suspect she gives me sausage-arm. BFG says not, but it's in his interests not to lower my self esteem so i don't put too much credence on his flattery.
Sweetest thing in the whole wide world, had a terrible day yesterday and was feeling very unloved and neglected and like nobody cared what happened to me. BFG came to pick me up and when i walked out to the car there was a bunch of daffodills on the passenger seat! Of course i burst into tears (as you do when someone's nice when you're sad) but it was the nicest thing that's happened to me in... months i think.
Dogosaurus is belly banded, one leg banded and partially spiked. hopefully with be in order to be delivered later in the week.. if i survive tomorrow that is!
i don't even wear glasses (in all my imaginings of myself as a teacher, i am wearing glasses and peering over the top in a very condescending and impressive manner). I'm only 3 years older than half of them for goodness sakes, how do i look different without a) wearing a tarpaulen or b) looking like a dominatrix in a suit and hair up? I know i know, suit does not mean dominatrix... but i dont have any dress shoes that aren't high and i think i look like i'm out of a porn film everytime i put them on.
And paranoia raises its ugly head again...
i got hit on by year ten boys on the last prac. It was so embarrasing, i just didnt know what to say! I'm worried because these are yr 11 and 12 boys and i actually have to teach them!
here's a picture of my doggy to calm everyone down.
This is Harry. Isnt he beautiful? He's a Staffy/Blue heeler cross and is not allowed inside in theory. i let him in my room because his hair wont show up on my carpet and i have a door to outside. So yes, technically i'm broadcasting my indiscretion... but isnt he cute? he's so shy of my yarn-stash... he's sniffing it like it might jump on him. Actually, he was very scared by my wool-winder and the top balls probably smell like it...

From this it looks like my yarn is all purple.. it just all ended up on top! i am well versed in the many colours of the rainbow!

Think of me tomorrow and wish me luck!


  • At September 05, 2005 8:48 am, Blogger Bananafish said…

    good luck, mon ami (that means 'Dominatrix' in french... i think <_<) . sorry to hear about your day yesterday, saw you online at some point but was having kind of a rough one meself :\. bust out the 40mm AA cannons tho and get yourself some prime-time, all-australian shut-downs on those sleazy college kids ;). and kudos to graham (at last >_<) for the daffodils ^^. the lopsided mammoreal incident reminds me of an episode of scrubs last night... "you know how difficult it is being a teenage girl... your breasts are growing, AND not always symetrically... then a boy might give you a ride home and you THINK something might happen, and then it doesnt, which just makes it official that you're a lopsided freak... but haha! jokes on him, lefty caught up in college!". man, elliot cracks me up. im like a hard-boiled egg >_<. anyway, good luck again, hope its not too scary :D


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