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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Brimming Over

Hello all.
While procrastinating an essay today, i was idly flicking through some knit and crochet patterns, looking for something to make for/during hot weather.
I was vaguely looking at this stripey halter top when i glanced at the girl next to her... What is going on!?
For those of you who find this too blurry (my apologies) the slightly chump-ier girl appears to be wearing a mystery hat and a bright red cigarette lighter... on a lanyon... around her neck.

Yes, i am as confused as you are. From this i am assuming the photo was taken in the 80's... it's such a typical teen-movie image as well! the pretty and skinny so-together-you-want-to-kill-her girl effortlessly stylish, and her dorky side-kick quite brilliantly failing to bring off the look in any way. Of course, Francesca (the hot one) keeps Dolores around because by comparison she looks even hotter.

Yes, that is her hair showing through the gaps in her hat. Yes, the brim of the hat which is too far down her head is completely clear, thereby removing the entire purpose of having a brim. No, i will never recover from this. (the hat, THE HAT???)

On a lighter note, who thinks i should knit the stripey one? Cute or what?


  • At September 01, 2005 4:48 pm, Blogger becky said…

    Definitely knit the stripey one! So fresh, even if it is from the 80s.

    P.S. I can't get over the plastic visor chick on the left is wearing. Hello??? Where's the sun protection???


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