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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Title? I'll give you title...

Well, you'll be pleased (yes yes you will) to know that the exam was fine. Not great, but its over and let us never speak of it again (unless my grade is awesome and i come on to crow).
Am immersed in group presentation about hypnosis. You'd think it'd be interesting, but it ain't my friends. Just stick 'reference list required' on any question and you'll be yawning before you know it.
in fact, i suspect it will be.... ------->

But i dont want to frighten my group so keep it quite (hi guys!).
Caressa jacket is powering along (i would stick in under 'on the needles' but i cant find a pic online), and dogosaurus is.... wagging. Not speedy, but getting there.

What's with the marketing types commenting on blogs?

Also, can anyone tell me what they would do if they had one (1) ball of Crystal Palace Kid Merino? i'm stumped. perhaps a lacy scarfy/shawl type thing... oh i dont know :(

Found a magazine thats good (if British and sort of out of season here) Knitting. (creative naming or what?)



  • At August 24, 2005 5:37 pm, Blogger Bananafish said…

    I'd say "I'm sorry ive got one of your balls, Kid Merino. Here you go, take it back to your crystal palace." or you could make a doily/placemat kind of thing. or a mitten. sinlge mittens are always useful, after all, its not as if pairs ever stay like that. maybe it could be a backup mitten, if you lose one of your normal ones. Well, thats my 87 rupees worth. Man the dollar is spiking these days >_<


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