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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Rasberry Sorbet anyone?

Ok as promised, here is my highly experimental sweater from recycled wool. I followed the 'dreamy turtleneck' pattern from Hip to Knit (Judith L. Schwartz, 2002, Interweave Press, Canada, Page 80-83) but when i got to the collar i picked up 102 stitches and did 2x2 rib, occasionally increasing (sorry, was very experimental) and set in some eyelets in every purl bit. finished as 2x3 rib (the 3 stitches being purl on the right side). I also went from a 3.75mm needle to a 4.5mm and then finished on a 5.5mm casting off with a 7mm. Also hand stitched the collar down to stop it looking like a ruff- the yarn is quite exhuberant.
sorry if this makes no sense, let me know what we think?

By the way, i'm not an arm-less red-neck, this is my dress-form Arabella. Isnt she awesome?

Perve shot, anyone? -->

(please let me know what you think of the ribbon, it has had mixed reception amongst my friends.)


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