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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Over it

What a day!
So do not want to be at Uni right now.

Want to be here ---------------->

Or here -------------------->

Or here ----------------------------->

Thank the Great Cosmic Crochet Hook for the girls at threadbared - when you laugh til you cry you forget if you were crying already! If it wasn't for them and the vague possibility of conjugal visits with BFG my life would be completely meaningless.

Fear not gentle reader, my dismay is only anxiety caused by not having a jumper on the needles. Am half way through a beanie... but it's just not the same.

Told you i'm not good at posting pics near the event.

til we knit again

PS wore Rasberry Sorbet today (despite its unblocked status) and many complemented me. and i'm 90% sure that one of the complements wasn't masked disgust - that's good enough for me!


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