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Friday, August 12, 2005

Stick a fork in me, I'm done

Have you ever noticed how many truly depressing names the explorers came up with? Dismal Swamp, Mount Agony and who could forget The Pimple?
If women had done more exploring i suppose we would have had a few Mt Sort-of Somewhat Pretty, but there's a good chance that every now and then would spring up Pass the Chocolate Creek and the Mavis is a Flaming Cow and Who Wants her Scone Recipe Anyway Mountain Range.
Perhaps i should add that i have PMS (Pass Me Sugar). It is wonderful. Oh the joy. i have found, however, a rather lovely quote for you dedicated types (yes, i was reading the dodgy old books at my work again). The wonderful G. Bourne states in Pregnancy (Pan, 1972, p3):
"It is well known that the majority of impetuous
actions and crimes committed by women are during
the week immediately before menstruation"
Oh Mr Bourne! Thankyou for this clarification! Wow-ee, you sound so knowledgeable i bet you had a uterus grafted to your appendix just to get a feel for it all.
I really hate stuff like this. i don't know about you, but this sounds like we're all a bunch of infantile morons who think vaguely 'gosh i ought to buy some mandarins, knit a tea-cosy and maybe i'll just shoot someone as well'. The only toady men who annoy me more are the ones who get all high and mighty about abortions. like they'd know!
OOh, and dont get me started on GST on tampons! Luxury item my foot! i'd like to stick a couple of luxury items up John Howards nostrils!
Obviously i need a good swig of this...
Or have i just finished a few? Your call...
Here's to shouting inanely.


  • At August 14, 2005 9:22 pm, Blogger Bananafish said…

    how about "publish me, im donne"? i dont know. not a lot of wriggle room. i like the alternate exploration names, i think i'd live on Mavis is a Flaming Cow and Who Wants her Stupid Scone Recipe Anyway Mountain. If only to see the abbreviation on letters.


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