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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

smoke me a kipper

indeed, today was my day off!
did very little - except for the frenzied room-cleaning which occurs only when i should be researching for essays. again without a project (fret fret fret)
started and finished the Stop-Gap Cap (in four shades of pink) in one day! was quite exited when i finished it, wore it all day today. i usually look ten shades of ridiculous in any hat, and this one is sort of Alex Mack cutesy. Only problem is it is made from mystery yarn from my stash.. and apparently one of them contained mohair. So had to keep taking it off as my head got hot!
Am very exited as i got a response from the amazing Becky of Fluffa! whose site i commented on. She is my knitting idol and i got all exited and jittery to hear from her! it was like getting an email from a film star! total buzz! i suppose it's easy to forget that these are real people - especially becky, who seems to knit a new sweater every three days - wonderwoman!
anyway, will have pics soon. BFG was very kind and let me play with his camera today. unfortunately i haven't got the software, but once he sends me the pics they'll be up!
Also, my Mcall's pattern arrived today! Hoorah! Can't sew it until i buy some piping and ribbon and buttons but i'm still tickled pink! isnt mail the most fun in the whole wide world?
Speaking of mail, where do these knitting buddy secret pals come from? i want one!
I have yet to finish Crime and Punishment... but i suppose that's what happens when you leave all your reading til the bus ride to Uni...

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