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Friday, August 19, 2005


Have you ever tried to imagine life without any hypothetical situations...?

All joking aside, I wonder what my life would be like if I didnt insist on making everything so complicated. I'm one of these people who rely quite heavily on their instincts, and this is all very well, but when one is a leeetle short on sleep one tends to take that achy feeling of morbid foreboding as a sign that a) the world is about to end, b) BFG is going to break my little heart, c) I'm going to fail uni or d) a mixture of a, b and c.
as you may have noticed, the only person who might cop a few hysterics is none other than my darling boyfriend.
i would like to just state right now that he is a wonderful, loving, funny, clever, down to earth and down-right gorgeous bloke and he is an angel to put up with my insanity. (how can i criticise a man who says my knitting is 'really cool' despite not getting it at all???)

Wish me luck, exam monday, presentation thursday and essay friday week. i believe it's pronounced 'Yurk!' (or perhaps 'procrastination')


PS back and half a sleeve of Caressa jacket (sorry no pic and is not on any websites. Is a GetCreative one {Take my advice and buy nothing from these people, they do not understand the concept of editing} and as such requires ALOT of modifications. i'm actually convinced it will turn be poo when i finish it.. but it's a nice knit.) and nearly at the leg openings of Dogasaurus (Man! that yarn is sooo green!!)


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