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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Teal Sweater

And here, my dears, is the infamous teal sweater. As you can see it is a decent length, but this was only after i blocked it into submission. It was a crop-top worthy of a knitting cheerleader!
It is Jenna Wilsons' "Big Sack Sweater" from Stitch n Bitch (Debbie Stoller, 2003, Workman, USA, p203-204)
Yes, it is a little chubby-wise, but it's so warm and snuggly (the sleeves are a GREAT length) that i don't care.

Also, it's a much prettier colour in real life, i think that Arabella's red-ness must have frightened the colour molecules and made them stop expressing (this is how i understand it to work)


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