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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

charanga pachanga

Can i just say, crisis over?
ok, so maybe not over. But my speech is written, we have two cool videos to distract the class from our lameness and tomorrow afternoon i'm off to buy a camera! (tra-la-la-la)
You poor, poor things. You will be subjected to more yarn porn than you know what to do with! You will see bus knitting, tv knitting, procrastiknitting*... the whole shebang!
You will be subjected to shot upon shot of my dog looking adorable (and cranky and sleepy and shy and in trouble....).
You will see blurry photos of patterns i like but can't find online. (not to mention the ones that make me nausaeus, hooray for the 80's!)
In short, you will be taken over!! (in cavernous devil-like voice).
I'm just hoping i find what i want.... ooooh so excited! Want this, but they change so quickly maybe i cant find?
*did i invent that word? because i havent seen in anywhere before. well let's just say i unvented it.
Ok, ciao bella, wish me luck!


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