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Monday, August 29, 2005

how does your knitting grow?

You may have been wondering about the Caressa Jacket? Well here she is in all her glory!
Have had a few dramas with her: Is anyone 26cm from underarm to hip? I know I'm about 38cm... so the body pieces had to be lengthened. I also couldn't purchase enough yarn from the same dye-lot, so the arm-pieces are worked in one ball of each (she's worked double for extra-cosiness and chunky ribbing) and I can't see any obvious shade difference. Anyway, if both arms are the same shade it shouldn't be noticeable, and I won't have any ball-change stripes. The colour is pretty accurate in the full photo... but the close up of the ribs looks too grey. It is approximately this colour.

Also have Dogosaurus. Am struggling a bit, but that's synthetics for you. My alternate day knitting is working a treat, I suspect I wouldn't have started it yet otherwise... and a sweater is taking me longer than two weeks so i'm less stressed. I can always knit the back-spines if I get bored with long rows... won't be long methinks.
Let me know what we think :)

Am taking the Happiest Monday Ever off. I feel it is my duty as a triple J listener... and i'm lazy of course...


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