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Sunday, August 28, 2005

That girl's got balls!

Well, weekend off my friends! yes indeed!
Happy Spider returned to her natural habitat for two days of glorious sunshine and remeniscence. Luckily as she took her new baby, everyone can share in a 'This is Australia' moment.
This is 'the hut' (yes, we go in for creative naming here in spider town) but perhaps it should be renamed the love-shack (suggestive leer). I have also for your viewing pleasure a shot of the gorgeous mist this morning. This view is a little walk down the hill from the hut. You can't see it but about 200m directly ahead of us (in this photo) is a good swimming dam, which is full of water! It hasnt been this un-drought-like since i was, oh, eight years old. I took this photo at about 9am. I woke up with the sun, much to the disgust of the BFG... well not all of us carry eye-masks with us!!
You will also be pleased to note that i have picked up a wool-winder thing (is that the correct terminology?), and spent our post-walk recovery time turning my skeins into self-pulling balls. Yes, i know this sounds very industrious, but i had an alterior motive... balls take up less space in my stash basket, and im not allowed to buy more if it's full! (very sneaky)
How much have they reduced! amazing... I know it's an illusion, but they even feel lighter...
Still winding balls by hand, but can't complain.. it's a lot less of a pain when you dont have the skein draped across your knees and the moving gives you a sore back...
See you when i'm looking at you!

PS. Got my posting for teaching prac! I am at a college (this is good) but they've but me in SOSE (this is bad). How ridiculous can you get? I'm an english teacher! Sure i do psychology but i'd rather swallow a pine-cone than have to teach it next week! boo hoo hoo.. and what if they want me to teach geography??? i hate uni :(


  • At August 30, 2005 3:38 pm, Blogger happyspider said…

    ok, just for clarification, i called the Prac people and they promised me i would not have to teach any subject except psych... not that im completely thrilled about it all, but its better that history or whatever. at least its one of my majors!
    crisis over :p


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