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Sunday, August 27, 2006


just a quick post of pure nauseating smug gitty-ness... i came runner-up in the cast-on caption contest! hurrah! and if you go and look at the fifth comment on my last post you will see the dulcet tones (ish.. its written, but you know...) of Ms Dayne herself.. and and and.. FREE YARN (swoon)

i do not have words left. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!


Tuesday, August 22, 2006

procrastination nation

Hi all.
Have done a little (lottle?) spinning in the last week and have these to show for my efforts (again i got overexcited and forgot to take a pic of the silk caps first... tsk tsk. but it was a lovely colour from a lady in Tarago, and i chose it because it reminded me of my pink grapefruit stuff). in the forground is an 8-gram skein of 2-ply silk... it is delicious, you ought to be jealous, if you arent you need help NOW. at the back is 32 gram skein of the same silk plyed with pink optim spinning wool (14 micron for those who care). yeah, im a spoilt brat... and now im knitting them!! into my shawl!! har har har har har (thats an evil laugh btw)
Also for those of you who have heard the latest kitsch plan for the house... we're going to have a teapot herb garden. this be the collection of op-shop teapots so far... waiting to have draining holes put in them (and before you ask, yes you can drill through them, it just takes a while). We're intending to have a rather eclectic garden bed with herbs and flowers and lots of layers (maybe an old ladder for layering) and then the teapots will be moveable so we can bring in frost sensitive ones at appropriate times of the year to take advantage of our lovely sunny living room. Apparently i cant start taking photos to post until... well at least until the one housemate we're booting has moved out...
have i told you about him? he's... odd. he doesnt talk, as far as i can tell he stays out of the sun and he comb his fringe flat over his forehead. well anyway, we had to get rid of one and it wasnt a tricky choice. Julian lives with Sherpa already and apart from the typical boy-haviour, he's a sweetheart. but yes, as we are moving into the two rooms that are currently occupied by other people... im not allowed to give you a tour yet. plus im not living there yet... the spirit is willing but the finances are weak and the flesh is sleeping in thankyou very much.
erm. what else?
I'm going to SnB tonight! as far as i know taph is coming, perhaps the newbie from last week (brenda?) and i think the darling sharon said she was attending but i dont know. come along and give yourself a night off from life!!

hugs from
Ms Spider XO

PS. thanks everyone for your concern about my health. im ok.. just a bit delicate. and i fade quickly. for example the almost unheard-of event occured on sunday - i left SnB early!!! :o

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Thursday, August 17, 2006

balancing act

this is the schoolhouse blues tops from the last post... and it balanced people!!!! are we proud??
without and then with flash for those who are curious. its more blue than the non-flash photos and more green than the flash one so.. yes. come to snb on sunday and see for yourself ;)

the chuffed
Ms Spider xo

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Sunday, August 13, 2006

baby was a bad bad blogger

Not only have i been very bad about updating.. but i have also been a bit heavy on the old retail therapy in the last couple of weeks.. so in the interests of full disclosure its going to look a little.. full on.
I have also been a bit sick. Well.. by a bit i mean i get to have a whole lot of tests and be prodded and poked so that a doctor can eventually say he has no idea whats wrong with me.. ok. so maybe im being a bit pessimistic but i have had my fair share of chronic illness and you just reach a point where you figure you're just going to have to load yourself up to the eyeballs with painkillers because noones going to find anything useful if they test you.
but the long and short of being sick is that i have a compulsion to create. badly. i have been suffering from migraines, and in the in-between bits where i can move (barely) i knit and knit and knit. I also buy and buy and buy and fondle yarn. I'm really not all that materialistic (or so i think). i mean, i like stuff but i enjoy giving it away as much as i do receiving.. but lately.. HOARDING!
you may also have noticed that my ability to write is slightly marred. this is in part due to being sick and also due to wading through a horrible essay about the changes in teaching of english in australia in the.. excuse me i seem to be nodding off.
here's some crossbreed tops i dyed when othlon slept over the other weekend. and then i spun it, and then i plyed it (and it was BALANCED!!!) and then i knit some very cosy wrist warmers. in about 2 days. yeah i know, im going crazy. Oh, it's 'Pink Grapefruit', my favourite colourway so far.
what else? Bought some 14 micron optim wool.. a kilo! its SO soft and luminous... mmm
spun some polwarth from the bus depot markets i bought a while ago.
Oh and i went to the craft and quilt fair with sherpa on thursday afternoon. i was less than impressed. i wait all year and there was only two (2) yarn stores!!! 2!!!!! i'm SO annoyed.
so i got some sock yarn (the pink one actually came from the other day, tra la la la la). the online at the front was the only ball in this colour at the yarnsgalore store and sherpa and i are currently debating as to who's socks it is destined to be because we both love it. i suspect he shall get long ones with contrast heels and toes and i shall get some ankle socks with contrast heels and toes. oh please, its not like everyone isnt expecting us to show up to SnB in matching sweaters.... socks arent so badgot some fibre (this is the only bag that has yet to be spun and is called schoolhouse blues)these are the ones that did get spun: winterand cherry ripe.some lang mille couleure.. i plan for it to be a little baby sweater... maybe with short sleeves so i'll have enough. any one got a good 8-ply baby sweater pattern?oh and the shawl is growing.
And I'm ok i guess. things are just a bit rough at the moment. i mean, life is wonderful, i'm just getting over constantly wanting to throw up and having tummy cramps through my whole cycle (and no, the thump-thump-thump of tiny hoofs is not in the cards.) And i really miss being able to think. and speak. and do the two together seamlessly. on the other hand i am churning out alot of knitwear... but may never get any essays finished. sigh. what i really want is a doctors certificate that says:

To whom it may concern:
Lets be frank. Ms Spider is wicked clever and could easily get
an HD if she could be becucked to finish this essay.
So lets just say she did and let her knit in class.
Oh and would it kill you to let them out half an hourearly?
Dr Fish

Mmm that would be nice.
anyway, see you ladies round like a revolution. hope to drag myself along to SnB on tuesday. Oh and people, go and say something nice to Kylie, she sounds like she needs a hug.

The spaced-out
Ms Spider xo

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