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Saturday, October 31, 2009

...four weeks later!

Hi there! Long time, no see. I’ve been meaning to write, but you know how life gets in the way?

So, since we last spoke?

Well, I got married.

(Awesome photography by Thorson Photography – I actually looked like a warthog, it’s all in the camera angles ;)

(Awesome hair, well, my hair, Heather’s and Sarah’s by Johanne’s Hair Do’s)

(Awesome flowers by Manuka Flowers)

(Wedding dress by Halo from La Belle)

(Veil from Brides of Manuka)

(Bridesmaids dresses from Events)

We went on honeymoon to Vanuatu. Many cocktails were consumed and massages enjoyed. All three and a half bikinis were needed (No proof of bikinis, children may be present).

I had to be removed with a crowbar. (Excellent house-sitting by Silkydoll)

We opened all our wedding presents and our jaws hit the floor. People are so thoughtful and generous – thankyou! Thankyou cards are in process… life just keeps getting in the way! The gifts of money allowed us to buy a (desperately needed) new fridge. October 23rd is Fridge Day for the rest of my life! Thankyou!

I went back to work. Hurrah.

My surname has sort of changed but I’m still a Ms. This is very confusing to the under-16s. I have given the Miss, Ms, Mrs lecture to three classes so far. The girls either nod knowingly or gasp in comprehension and become feminists before my very eyes… and the yr 8 boys sadly ask me why they don’t get a special title (I’ve tried to explain, believe me).

My garden exploded while I was away and my Grannies Bonnets that were shoe-sized before I left are now shrubs. It is a very happy situation (except they set off Monkey’s hayfever). The irises I planted, hoping they’d be out for the wedding because they match my bouquet, are finally out. I LOVE them. And the roses are cusping

Life is good

Ms Spider xox

PS. No-one says you have to change your nom de plume when you get hitched, so there.

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Saturday, October 03, 2009

Excuse me Maude, I seem to be coming over all conservative..

Something old (my grandmother's moonstones we had set into earrings)Something new (my veil)Something borrowed (my grandmother's moonstone necklace)Something blue (my garter)Something inconvenient.... the weather!

Wish me luck :)
Ms Spider