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Thursday, April 27, 2006

for town & country

yep, well i finished them a day later than i hoped (please nobody ask me about the homework situation.. though i have brought home two Distinctions this week... go Spidey!)
I finished the second on the bus to uni this morning and realised i had left my grafting needle and scissors at home.. so i did a three needle cast off on the toe and then bit the yarn til it would snap... the lady sitting next to me clearly thought i should be getting off at the hospital!
Of course, i then proceeded to weird out my 9.30am tute group by arriving very flustered and promptly changing my socks (im sorry people, but i wore a coordinating jumper in honour of the event...) and then demanding attention for my socks. luckily most people are used to my ways and humour me suitably ^.^

pretty or what??? now off to finish some stupid paper about who i think has the best ideas on classroom management... seriously - ew!

knit on!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

...and i was being so good too!

There i was, having finished and emailed in an assignment, knitting my town and country socks. I popped ferris beuler's day off on and set to reward myself for my crappy last minute job...

strangely enough, through some massive lapse in concentration, when the movie ended i had in my hands not a completed sock but half a beanie! Those of you who know my fear of my own handspun may rejoice: the fated day is apon us. it's lovely to knit with, doesnt split but it does have a few floofy bits (monica has created a word) that can get caught on your needles if you're not looking. The dark brown ribbed bit is to be a folded up cuff and the paler (and softer) yarn will be hidden by it (its for a bloke and thought the caramel/white might be a tad girly... but know how men dont like their ears to itch).
I must admit.. it isnt as scary as i thought it would be... it's just sad to see the ball deflate slowly from within.
and i was so intent to wear my socks to uni on wednesday too >.<

knit on!

Ms Spider (she of the short attention span)

PS. at least my procrastination is focused... as you can see the cuff idea didnt last very long, the recipient and i decided the caramel was not at all girly and that stripes were a good thing... and it has been named Cappuccino (get it, cap? yes i groaned too...)

Peace out.

Monday, April 24, 2006

more socks

Stitch n Bitch yesterday which was pretty darn good. It's been a while and i always feel greatly relieved to be around people who share my disease. sadly i forgot to take my camera which is a great dissapointment considering we had so many newbies! And i have promised my new friend Bells and Chantelle to teach them to knit socks at the next one! hurrah! can't wait!

And speaking of socks, for those of you who do not know: LINCRAFT HAS SOME DECENT YARN!!! I speak of course of Hot Socks, 100g balls for $9.99! in nice colours! yes people, it's true. we said it would never happen... but here it is.

It's the multi jaquard type, and there is the dark green and purple/pink/blue as pictured, two shades of blue, a lime-y green and a rusty red, and a sort of peachy-beige one too. definitely worth a squiz, if you havent knit socks before this is good wool and cheap!

ok, off my soapbox and.. well i dont really have much to say! thats the trouble with pms, its like having the inside of your head vacuumed and the only thought that resurfaces is 'chocolate is your friend!'

knit on!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

every step you take

Hello all! just finished the first Sirdar Town & Country sock and had to gloat :) also bought a very reasonably priced pair of grosby mary-janes the other day and the sock and the shoe are as one! i really want to finish these socks so i can wear them immediately... but have so much on the go. i also want to wear my country silk cardigan soon too... and i havent worked on that in weeks... stupid sock addictions.

anyway, without further ado - the sock! (please note the singularity)

Just to update for concerned parties, leah is recovering slowly but is in good spirits. She's off work for at least another 10 days (if i had any say itd be about a month but thats just me).

me..? life is pretty good. prac has been stuffed up a bit, i was going to go to radford but its not going to happen and now everyone is on holidays until day one of prac so.. its likely i'll have to have a make-up day at the end of term. but you know what? its autumn, its beautiful, there is yarn in world and life is sweet. and i have new shoes! (always a plus)

And SnB is this sunday! hurrah! and i think i've convinced monica to come have dinner with me tomorrow! double yay!

oh, go and kiss someone you love will you??? :)

Friday, April 14, 2006

mi blong vanuatu

As hoped - I am sane once again! (well, as sane as i get..)

had absolutely the nicest time.. but am quite worn out! dont mind me, but this might be a purely pictorial piece.. with various trickles of stories coming through later as i think of them. i could never be a travel writer :p

This is our little house at Poppy's on the Lagoon. The very nice manager Peter upgraded us to a three bedroom house for the first 5 nights... it was soooo awesome. We were right on the water as you can see. Those canoes were for our use whenever we wanted, including the locally made wooden one. FUN! the water was as warm as a bath though :p

I took these photos at about 6am on the second morning. something about the sun and the heat made me wake early.. and then nap for about 2 hours every afternoon :p sooo lazy. but most places siesta from 11.30-2 and when in rome..

this little boy was hunting fish with a little spear and let me take a photo. everyone is sooo friendly in vanuatu, and i was totally safe walking around town by myself.
here we have the other three playing in the pool. leah, joe and liv. im really not sure what they were doing but i like the pic :p needless to say, we all had ALOT of fun. sun, swimming, cocktails, yummy food... need i go on? i dont want to make any enemies :p
Ok, forget what i said about not making enemies. This is a very smug spider enjoying a pina colada in the pool at iririki island resort :p...And eating an icecream sundae at the patisserie on Liv's birthday ( i couldnt finish it, but made a good effort!) please note the sundress i made myself which matches my bikini perfectly (what, me anal retentive? NEVER!)

And.. the obligatory 'Sock visits paradise' picture taken from the balcony of our second room. we had to go back to a 2-bedroom for the last 2 nights but who's complaining? there was no such thing as a bad deal at this place. just. gorgeous! i finished the pumpkin socks while i was there and promptly started these sirdar town and country socks for me, me, ME! love the yarn ^_^ didnt think to photo pumpkin socks, but will at some point (never resist the urge to show off :p)

Now as you all know, no Spider week is complete without a little drama.. so i shall just quickly run everyone through my last couple of days. Leah hurt her tailbone a little before we left and it was a bit achy most of the time but none of us really thought about it much til the second last day... when she was limping and unable to get comfortable. we were sharing a bed on the last night and neither of us slept alot because she was in so much pain. we managed to make a bit of a fuss at the airport and get her three seats to herself so she could lie down but.. well an hour into the flight i knew it wasnt good. By the time we got to Sydney she was green and totally unable to function - and we were supposed to be driving to canberra that night! i got a bit bossy and raced around the airport for an hour, constantly getting sent somewhere else (usually about 3 flights of stairs away :p) and finally got us both on a flight to canberra that night. it was $250 each but i cried and she waved the booking fee. so i got us onto that flight and tried to distract her for the trip home.. she was just GREEN, i was SO worried about her.

so we get to canberra and her dad takes her to the doctor immediately (at about 10.30pm) and it turns out she has an abscess on her tailbone and its really really serious. She was operated on the next night (last night at about 10pm) under a general anaesthetic and is bed ridden for the next 2-3 weeks.. poor kid. spoke to her today and she sounds worn out but much better. so.. much relief and much drama all at once! im finding it all a little hard to think about Vanuatu because something so big happened immediately after, but im sure my funny stories will emerge in time.

in regards to me, im feeling much better. at peace with myself and my choices. and have managed to put 2 kilos back on :) and its probably muscle because of all the excercise i did in Vanuatu! the POWA! still have a week of holidays, and didnt have to work today and baked hot cross buns for the first time in 2 years ^_^ and they are SCRUMMY! feeling very... honestly, nothing is ever as bad as you think it is. and having a tan might help with the well-being :p

happy easter everyone and thanks for your support :)

knit on ladies ^_^

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Ok, my life has completely collapsed upon itself and i'm left standing here clutching my knitting bag wondering how everything got so insane. i dont really know where my head is right now, and there is no way i am going to blacken my name further by airing dirty laundry online. But i have to say, i am very very very sorry to the person i have hurt. I have barely been able to eat a thing in 4 days or even sleep and you have to know i care very much about you. Nothing i have done was meant to hurt you but i have to do what makes me happy and well. I think in time you will understand why i had to do this, but until then i hope you know me well enough to know i am an honest and sensitive person and i wouldnt have done this without good reason.

that said, i am now going to go and try to sleep for a couple of hours before i leave. I'm ok. i have been better, but i'll live. don't miss me too much at SnB and i'll try to think of you all once or twice as i lie on tropical beaches with my favourite books. You have no idea how much i need a holiday and to escape everything for a little while. When did life become so complicated?? Why does my reaction to stress have to be a desire to throw-up? not that i do, but feeling like you will for long periods of time is worse.

anyway, apologies for being cryptic, see you all in a week.

from the soon-to-be-saner
Ms Spider