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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

witty post title pertaining to finished objects

just a quick one today as i'm a bit heat frazzled (aren't hormones so much more entertaining over 30 degrees?)
some of you may remember my joy at aquiring Rebecca 27 due to my perverse and 3 year long lust for the Apricot Jacket. I cast on, finished the back and promptly lost interest (something about strangly translated german i think..)
anyway, i picked it up again last week and finally got the buttons on today. I love it. LOVE. of course, it is really too hot to wear.. but tonight was a VERY fresh breeze and we went to a photography exhibition that my brothers girlfriend was in and it was exactly what i needed. So if it gets crisp on xmas eve i'm covered!
I include for your viewing pleasure several different shots front two different photographers.. the colour in the first one is the closest... and the detailing looks the best but we can't photograph ourselves all the time can we?Hope everyone is well and happy!

the finally finished
Ms Spider xo

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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

the Young ones

On saturday Taph, Sharon and I went on a leeetle road trip to Young. Young is a little place with a lot of cherries and a brilliant yarn store (The Wool Room). The ladies and I partook of it's delights with no hesitation at all. The demise of our credit rating is documented below (I'm not strip-teasing to pay my way, Taph just took an ill-timed photo :p)

The lovely owner Kate is everything you could want in a yarn store owner - friendly, helpful, interested. When i met her last year i can honestly say she was my first yarn store experience which did not leave me humiliated and cranky - i may be 21 but this does not mean i can only knit garter stitch on huge needles. It is refreshing to be served by someone who appreciates that i know what i want and am willing to pay money for it and that treating me like an imbecile is not good business sense. for the LYS owners in Canberra - get it into your heads! WE WILL GIVE YOU MONEY.

next, somewhat poorer, we made our way to JD's Jam Factory for the Young version of SnB. (here with proof of purchases !) Sharon's mother started the group up when she realised how much fun Sharon was having and these ladies are a scream! i have completely forgotten most names and in the interests of fairness i think i will add them only when i know all of them. And please! this is not because they were not a memorable bunch of ladies! I'm just apalling at remembering names (and i had a bit of a headeache which made it harder to concentrate).
a few more (just to prove we were all there ;)

On the way home we bought cherries at an orchard (i got some cherry port too, yeehaaaaaa!) and stopped in Harden at Which Craft for devonshire tea and plotted drum-carder theft (i ask you, what good is it to have one ON DISPLAY but out of normal line of vision??? i NEED one, and that's just cruel!)

and on monday i finished my pembrokeshire pathways socks. (out of context? its the memory issue, im telling you!)

and its bloody hot and my poor zucchinis keep wilting :(

the heat-stricken, poor and cherry-bloated
Ms Spider xo

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Thursday, November 16, 2006

chez spidey

hello all!
i am moved in and blissfull. The lateness of this update is embarrasing really... my camera got packed somewhere and i couldnt find it :p. Lame i know, but as if you didnt know that already. i am hopeless. utterly so.

the car has sold.
i'm going back to work on friday. it's not open for business, as the roof got pulled in, but my boss is too scared to lose me so i'm going in to clean glass ware or something. whatever, i have an income again.
and on saturday the ladies and i are going to Young for cherries and yarn! huzzah!

however, due to not working i have been left to my own devices most days when sherpa is working, and after a certain amount of cleaning and unpacking... i hit the stash.
i have spun all this yarn:
produced this many squares for my blanket (there are more but they havent been seamed):
knit these socks in 4 1/2 days (online sock yarn bought at the craft and quilt fair. pattern was an interweave knits one):
this scarf in 2 days (briar rose yarn i won, Brooke's colomn of leaves scarf):
these socks so far, 2 1/2 days (Lana Grossa Cotton Fantasie, variation on Brenda Dayne's pembrokeshire pathways socks):
this baby sweater in about 8 hours including seaming (Lang Mille Colori, simple raglan sweater from Baby Knits by Debbie Bliss, with enough left over for a little hat too!):
finished little mini-shawl thing:
finished my mini clapotis:

My darling friend Taph also donated a drop spindle to my stash and i've been having fun with that too. dont know if it will ever replace the wheel for me but its fun and portable (and if i want to really annoy my stupid aunt i'll do it at christmas dinner, heh heh heh).

this is, as promised, the house:
Bedroom you have seen and i'm not making the bed to take a photo :p
Shelf a la knitting et stash! lounge is very fibre friendly

Dodgy little kitchen:
garden (front)
garden (back):

the side of the house
My vege patch (which has expanded heaps)
My little flower bed which we bordered with pavers (much work!!)
Hammock (mhuah ha ha ha haaaa)

View from said hammock!!
Well... dont quite know what else to say. dont want everyone to be so overwhelmed they cant comment!

oh and i will have some yarn on eBay again soon, my bulk white wool shipment was delayed :p

the busy
Ms Spider xo

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